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Commercial Paint Stripping

The hot alkaline process is designed to remove most paints from all steel, stainless steel and copper products ranging from sheet metal and frame work as well as paint hooks, jigs, floor grids etc. 
The plant can accommodate items up to 6 metres in length, 3 metres wide and 5 tonne in weight fully submerged. 
One of the benefits of stripping with this method is its ability to provide a short term inhibitor to all ferrous metals without the need to apply oil although this can be applied if required. 
Our non hazardous solvent stripper will remove coatings from all aluminium products and has been blended specifically to replace the much maligned methylene chloride thus, complying with current environmental legislation. 
It has the advantage of being non corrosive to the properties of the aluminium enabling a clean, perfect surface finish after processing with items up to 6.5 metres accommodated. 

The pyrolysis ovens, some of the bigger ever produced by the manufacturer, enable the removal of extremely excessive paint build in a controlled heat environment.

This process enables us to offer an extremely fast turnaround that would otherwise not only be achievable but also unviable through chemical processing and thus, ensuring customer's down-times are kept to a minimum.

It is also effective in successfully removing more specialised coatings such as plastic and nylon from steel components.


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